“Non-covalent interactions for assembly and energy transfer within f-element hybrid materials.”

“Reengineering Olefin Metathesis for the 21st Century.”

“Architectural Control of Lanthanide-based Nanoparticles: from Potential Multimodal Imaging Probes to Miniature Thermometers.”

“Metallacrown complexes: host-guest interaction paving the way for molecular magnets.”

“Carbon nanotube-supported metals for heterogeneous catalysis”

No title yet

“Inorganic Materials for Photochemical and Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conversion.”

“Hot and cold circularly polarized luminescence with molecular f-element complexes.”

“Borametallomimetics – can Boron act as a Transition Metal?”

“The Remarkable Chemistry of Titanium and Vanadium as Supported by Spectroscopy”

“Design Strategies for Radiometal Chelation in Nuclear Medicine.”

“Antineoplastic and antiparasitic metallodrugs based on a facultative ligand pdto (N2S2) with its O and Se analogues.”

“Magnetic and Luminescent  Molecular Materials Constructed from Lanthanides – New Synthetic Approaches.”

“Materials for a Sustainable World”

“Solar-driven generation of sustainable feedstocks from water, waste and CO2.”

“Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry. Evolving the understanding of anticancer mechanism of platinums.”

No title yet

“Stable Metal-Organic Frameworks for Applications in Heterogeneous Catalysis in Energy and Sustainability.”